Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural

‘Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is good. Periods of reflection are built into lessons and assemblies, and pupils know the difference between right and wrong. Pupils from all backgrounds and cultures mix happily together at playtimes and appreciate each other’s views. Links with schools in other countries, for example Ghana, ensure that pupils have a good understanding of other cultures and those who have different beliefs and practices.’

SMSC  (Spiritual, moral, cultural and social wellbeing.)


Spiritual Development.

We explore and develop children’s own values and beliefs and look at how these develop their perspective on life. We also explore how their values impact upon the respect they have for other’s feelings and beliefs. We seek to develop a fascination and wonder for the world around us and encourage children to use their imagination in learning.


Moral Development

We have a clear model throughout the school for children t understand the difference between right and wrong. We also develop the children’s understanding of consequences of their actions.


Social Development.

We continually work with children to develop and increase their range of social skills, through a range team work activities and socialising with a variety of other children. This enables children to resolve conflicts and to work cooperatively. We also seek opportunities to work with the wider community  and prepare them to contribute positively to modern life in Britain.


Cultural Development

We explore and develop an appreciation of cultural influences that have shaped the children’s own heritage. We work with children to develop an understanding of the growing range of different cultures within Britain and further afield. We encourage children to participate in cultural activities.


We embed SMSC into all aspects of school life. Please see our termly planning to see the links between learning and SMSC.