School Council Welcome

Welcome to the School Council at Newport Infant School!

Our School Council is made up of 18 children (two pupils from each class).  At the start of each year every child has the opportunity to nominate themselves as a member of the School Council. We hold class elections and decide who we want to represent us and our ideas.


In the last year the School Council have made many improvements in and around school:

  • We found out that many children liked to ride a bike or scooter to school but we did not have a suitable place to store them.  As a school we held a sponsored scooter and bike race to raise money to move our bike shelter to an accessible area around the front of school. We also bought some new playground toys - it was a great success and we raised over £1000 in total!
  • To help children find adults quickly on the playground we bought some high visibility jackets for staff to wear.  It is now much easier to see where we can go for help if we need it.
  • We held a pyjama day to raise money for a new wheelchair for Logan in Year 2.  Everybody loved coming to school in their pyjamas – especially the teachers!  This has made such a difference to Logan’s life and we feel very pleased that we were able to help him.


Our next plan is to put up some large canopies outside to provide some much needed shade during the hot summer months! Details will follow shortly…


Parents please follow this link for further information about our School Council