Internet Safety

Internet Safety KS1 Computing
Stay safe on the Internet, use these links to free to use educational resources to reinforce the safety message to younger children. Suitable for ages 5-7 years, key stage one. Find guidance for teachers and parents to help keep children safe when using the internet. Includes links to search engines designed for use by children.

Thinkuknow Interactive

A great site with areas for different age groups. Contains cartoons, jigsaws, text and teacher resources. Covers all aspects of safety online.

Using the Web Safely Text

What websites can you use? There are many fun and interesting things you can do using computers. There are amazing apps, wonderful websites and great games to play on computers. It’s important to make sure they are safe before you use them.

Adventures of Smartie the Penguin Book

Find out how to stay safe on the internet with Smartie the penguin. Book with accompanying questions.

Being Online Book

Whilst this activity book offers children from 4 to 8 years of age 30 pages of fun and games, it also leads them to sharpen their basic language and mathematical, social and cultural skills. It gives them a glimpse of the impact modern technology can have on their everyday life. Above all it offers an opportunity for parents and teachers to sit together with their children and discuss these important issues. Downloadable booklet.

The Smart Crew Video 

The SMART Adventure illustrates Childnet's SMART rules and includes a real life SMART Crew of young people who guide the cartoon characters in their quest and help them make smart online decisions.


E-Safety Policy

The e-safety policy can be found on the School Policies page of the website.