Early Years

Welcome to Reception 


We aim to provide a happy and positive start to school life. We provide a comprehensive induction programme to ensure a smooth transition from their pre-school. This includes several sessions in school, visits to their pre-schools and a home visit. The beginning of the autumn term sees the classroom presented in a style similar to pre-school with a gradual transition taking place throughout the year so that by the end of the summer term the classes are working in a style similar to Year 1. The learning takes place both inside and outside the classroom.


What is the EarlyYears Foundation Stage? 


During  the Reception year the children work towards the Early Learning Goals. Most children are expected to achieve the Early Learning Goals by the end of the Foundation stage. There is a strong emphasis on learning through play both child initiated and planned play. The curriculum is delivered through a combination of whole class activities, adult led focussed activities and child initiated activites.


What are the Areas of Learning?


The seven areas of learning taught during the Reception year are:

Communication and Language -Listening and Attention, Understanding, Speaking

Personal, Social and Emotional Development- Making Relationships, Self-confidence and Self-awareness, Managing Feelings

Physical Development- Moving and Handling, Health and Self-care

Maths-Numbers, Shape, Space and Measures

Literacy-Reading, Writing

Understanding the World-People and Communities, The World, Technology

Expressive Arts and Design-Exploring and using media and materials, Being Imaginative


 ​The children grow to understand that school is all about learning and that learning new things can be great fun!